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From our comprehensive cloud-based Health & Safety Management System and training solutions to ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and international best practices, we cover it all with your needs in mind. Rest assured, we have your back.

Health and Safety Management

We provide an online, cloud-based Health and Safety Management System along with a modern HSMS mobile App, complemented by accredited and certified training.

With over 65 years of experience in Health & Safety, our industry expertise is unparalleled.

Health and Safety Management System

Health & Safety Management System

We take pride in delivering tailored experiences to our clients through effective code, data, and process management.

Cloud Based HSE

Assesments and Audits

Our Online Health and Safety Management System, Safety 360 Elite, is available on responsive web and mobile platforms for seamless access across all devices.


Certified Training

We create a unique, adaptable training experience with user-friendly tools for easy navigation, all while ensuring quality adheres to industry standards.

Health and Safety app

Experienced Professionals

AFFSAF is made up of a group of dedicated professionals that can ensure that health and safety can be effectively implemented within any organisation.

Cloud Based HSE

Accredited Training

Affsaf provides high-quality training courses accredited by HWSETA, catering to a diverse clientele. Our extensive client base receives relevant and applicable training tailored to their needs.

Health and Safety System Support

Reliable Support

Affsaf's team of consultants offer reliable and readily available support. Access Safety 360 Elite support through direct assistance and weekly complimentary training sessions.

Why Choose Us?

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Safety 360 Elite is a cloud-based Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) solution. It streamlines HSE management processes by providing a centralized platform accessible via the internet. This system facilitates incident reporting, compliance tracking, risk assessment, training management, and audit tracking. Safety 360 Elite offers real-time data access, improved collaboration, reduced IT costs, and scalability to meet evolving needs.

Safety 360 offers a comprehensive HSE solution along with a convenient app. The platform facilitates various HSE management tasks like incident reporting, compliance tracking, risk assessment, and training management. The accompanying app allows users to access these features conveniently from their mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and efficiency on the go.

A Health and Safety System is crucial for organizations to safeguard their employees, assets, and reputation. It establishes protocols and processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risks in the workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and illnesses. By promoting a safe and healthy work environment, such systems enhance employee well-being, morale, and productivity. Moreover, they ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, shielding organizations from legal liabilities and financial losses. Ultimately, investing in a robust Health and Safety System demonstrates a commitment to duty of care, sustainability, and organizational excellence.

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Amazing training

The facilitator explained clearly and was patient. This was the most amazing training I have ever been on.

Zanele Mutlwane


Encouraged engagement

Great presentation style. The facilitator encouraged engagement and individual participation. The content is well organized and descriptive. Overall, a pleasant experience.

Vuyiseka Magazi

Solatha P.E

Learner interaction

The facilitator made the course all the more likeable as learner participation and interaction helped the teaching and learning process run very smoothly. Very informative and a must for all employees

Enbersagren Moodley

Simha Technologies


The experience was educational. I am leaving this training facility with significant knowledge.

Emly Makena

Richmond Marketing Solutions

Excellent course

The instructor was very helpful. He respected everyone and treated us equally. Overall excellent course.

Thabani Ntuli

Ricinz Construction KZN

Wonderful facilitator

I will be able to implement and complete risk assessments and Planned task observations successfully. Thanks, given to the wonderful facilitator.

Abel Rametloa


Well presented

The course was well presented with all learner questions adequately discussed and answered. The course content will assist me with my duties in the workplace.

Stuart Nisbet


Very supportive

The facilitator was very supportive towards me. He simplified the difficult sections to make it more understanding – thank you so much.

Thusang Kekana


Best training!

Best training! The facilitator explained everything in an understandable manner. He had loads of patience and assisted will all our questions during the discussions.


Maqembu Ngwenya

Atlas Air Conditioning


Thank you very much for all the useful information. The facilitator was excellent, well understood.

Israel Teketa