Safety 360 Elite

Health and Safety Management Reinvented in Real-time

Introducing Safety 360 Elite: the premier, cost-effective, cloud-based solution for health and safety management systems. Our mobile app empowers you to maintain safety standards in line with ISO 45001 requirements, ensuring seamless quality control wherever you go.

About 360

This is a cloud-based, fully interactive, and paperless Health and Safety Management System. All HSE requirements and actions are addressed in the system, by way of quick and easy steps ensuring involvement by all employees.


To help employers achieve organizational health and safety to an extremely high level with minimum effort. Will ensure high levels of legal compliance, and full alignment with ISO 45001.

A Step Ahead

The cloud-based system grows on a daily basis, we are constantly rethinking and adding new functions to help companies carry out HSE and related tasks with more efficiency and precision.

Safety 360 Elite Features

Cost Effective Health & Safety Solution

As mandated by the OHS Act and ISO 45001, your cloud-based safety system must prioritize the health and safety of individuals in the workplace, mitigating hazards associated with work activities. Our solution facilitates the identification and resolution of safety concerns, promoting a safer work environment through hazard removal, reduction, and control measures.

Additionally, it fosters employee engagement and participation in safety protocols.

Health & Safety Management System
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Main App Features


An interactive feature that allows the user to identify shortfalls in the workplace and also manage these shortfalls via non-conformances. The feature boasts with a library from which various pre-loaded checklists can be selected as templates and allows the user to build their own checklists.

Safety Files

No hard-copy? No problem! Safety 360 Elite Safety File feature allows the user to create a customised index for any safety file, populate safety files with relevant documentation and share the safety file extensively for auditing and other purposes.


Employee roles are defined in this feature allowing the control user to determine employee activities on the system and set up relevant permissions. Employee profiles are continuously updated into the system and allocated according to safety requirements, this allows for easy management of notifications and tasks.


The inventory allows for compliance with ISO45001/OHSAS 18001 and effectively lists all equipment and machinery for effective control purposes such as tests and inspections. Inventory item documentation can be uploaded for record keeping and customised inventory inspections can be set up.


Contractor control allows the user to link their Safety 360 Elite system to others in the Safety 360 Elite community and add external contractors or clients to their system for ease of file sharing.

Incident Management

A comprehensive incident reporting tool allows the user to report all incidents, accidents, near misses and ad hoc hazards on one platform. Incidents are reported and signed off digitally and record of all incident reports are stored to a cloud. The feature allows seamless management of incidents from the reporting stage to completion of the relevant investigation. Statistical management inclusive of graphs and charts will provide a wide-ranging view on all organisational incidents.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments enable the user to identify all risks within the organisation and its scope of activity. This feature contributes to the management of health and safety by means of risk evaluation, ratings, and implementation of relevant mitigations. The risk assessment feature permits the development of Safe Working Procedures (SWP’s) and Planned Task Observations (PTO’s) allowing for effective management of hazards.


Documents allow the user to select pro forma customisable appointments and toolbox talks from an extensive library. Appointments and toolbox talk attendance are signed electronically, enabling the user to keep record of all documentation. The user has the option to create their own live documents on the management system which will be placed on a fixed letterhead. Documents are linked to reminders to ensure they do not expire.

Management Features


Work sites are managed effortlessly with the sites feature on Safety 360 Elite. This allows to set up sites, allocate teams and comply with legislation.

Non Conformance

Management of shortfalls redefined! Status reports allow for closing of the loop and effective management of non-conformances in an organisation. Shortfalls can be managed via progress reports. Status Reports are built around Checklists, AdHoc Hazards, Contractors, Risks, SWP Changes and Quality Non-Conformances.

Project Control

Manage projects with automated task scheduling, integrated safety files and linked clients and contractors at your fingertips. Project control enables the user to oversee and manage projects ensuring optimal legal compliance.


Live screening and data recording made easy. The COVID-19 feature on Safety 360 Elite allows the user to enter relevant health data into a safe and secure platform. This allows the organisation to keep record of all COVID-19 cases in the workplace, working together for a healthier environment.

App Tools

File Manager

The integrated management system allows users to manage files and folders. Users will be continually notified of all expiring files and these can be replaced in the file manager, replacing it in all safety files as well. The file manager creates a once off solution for the management of documentation on the health and safety management system.

Notification Center

Notifications tailored to the user’s needs can be set up to inform the relevant role players of tasks that have been completed. The notification center manages 121+ actions occurring within the system. With the notification center, the user will always be one step ahead!


Setting up targets have never been this easy! Organisational targets can be set, and these can be met in an individual or team effort. Targets allow for the confirmation of specific completed items at the workplace, checks its validity and transfers the relevant information to all stakeholders.


Various reports can be drawn from the health and safety management system to provide useful information on topics and data.