Health & Safety Services

According to OSHA regulations, employers must ensure that workers encountering job-related hazards receive proper training.

At AFFSAF, we develop training resources and offer training sessions through authorized education entities.

Full list of services

Our Health and Safety Services include a Health and Safety Management System (with Android & iOS App), Assessments & Audits, Certified Training, First Aid, Safety Plan & Consulting.

Health and Safety Management System


AFFSAF brings extensive expertise in crafting and executing comprehensive Health & Safety Management Systems tailored to organizations of all sizes. Our process initiates with a meticulous assessment of your organization to pinpoint its unique Health & Safety needs. From there, AFFSAF guides the seamless implementation and continuous upkeep of the Health & Safety Management System. We prioritize garnering support from your workforce and fostering engagement from key stakeholders to guarantee long-term effectiveness and success.

Cloud Based HSE


To match your organization's Health & Safety Management System, AFFSAF will set up and carry out a thorough compliance audit plan. For those companies not opting for a full Health & Safety Management System, AFFSAF can develop and implement an audit plan to ensure they meet basic legal requirements.

Additionally, AFFSAF can offer training to your in-house staff, enabling them to enhance their skills in conducting effective internal audit assessments. This ensures that your organization’s compliance-audit system remains sustainable over the long term.



AFFSAF continually enhances its course offerings by regularly introducing new content to our training programs. With extensive experience in tailoring training courses to suit the unique requirements of each client, AFFSAF is well-equipped to address your specific training needs. Whatever your requirements may be, AFFSAF is committed to collaborating with you to fulfil them.

AFFSAF is a fully accredited provider with HWSETA. Our training sessions follows the style of quality in the presentation of learning material, the encouragement of group discussion and the facilitation of individual and group based activities.​


Is your first aid kit fully stocked? The service that you always wished for!


Doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, AFFSAF will develop the Safety Plan.

Cost depends on the scope of work per safety plan. The plan comes in files and also in electronic format to be able to make further changes.



Affsaf offers a health and safety consulting service to any organisation requiring assistance in terms of health and safety. Due to the vast experience contained within AFFSAF it is well positioned to offer this service in an effective and professional manner.

The service could include on site assistance with the general management of health and safety to any specific issues that may arise around this service.

Should you require this service a dedicated person would be allocated to your organisation with the necessary backup that may be required.