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This information guide will assist the user with creating, managing/editing and using Targets on Safety 360 Elite.

To create and manage a Target Group on the system the following must be in place:

  • Employees created on system
  • Employees have Control user access to system


This guide will go through the following options:

  1. Targets
  2. Checklist Targets


On the left navigation pane of Safety 360 Elite you will find the Targets portal as shown below.

Checklist Targets

There you will find Checklist Targets. This feature allows you to track Checklist completion based on defined daily/weekly/monthly Targets.

Click icon shown above to Start.

Checklist Targets allows you to build multiple different Target Groups where you can monitor Checklist completion compliance.

To add a new Group, click the + icon shown above. This will open the New Target Group window.

Checklist Targets – New Target

Here you will give the Group a Name (1), select the Type of Checklist (2) to monitor, then select the Checklist To Monitor (3), whether its Ad-Hoc/Weekly/Monthly (4), select desired Target amount (5) and how many days the user has to Complete monitoring (6).


Checklist Targets – Target Group

You will now see the New Group listed. From here you can Archive (1) the group, Edit (2) group details and requirements, as well as View (3) the group.

The Target Icon will display the number of Users (4) linked to this Group.

Checklist Targets – Group Edit

You can update the Group Name/Description, required Target count as well as the schedule from the Edit Target Group page shown below.


Checklist Targets – Target Group Dashboard

To open the Target Dashboard, click the View button, shown on Slide 7 as (3). From this Dashboard you can assign Target Checklists, link required Users and monitor compliance.

From here you can view Compliance Stats (1), filter data per User (2), filter by Date (3) as well as Adding of new Users to the Target Group (4).

Checklist Targets – Add Users to Target

To add new Users to your Target Group, click the + icon shown below. From here you can link a new User to this Group through the drop-down. That user will then be part of the monitoring for compliance.


Checklist Targets – Add Users to Target

Each assigned User will have their own Card showing compliance and Progress. You can use the Filters for User to only look for specific Users if required.


These steps can be repeated as many times as required. You can build Target Groups for each built Checklist to monitor compliance.


Checklist Targets allows you to monitor compliance based on defined Targets and Objectives.

Real time Targets data empowers real time decision making

  • Track Checklist Compliance
  • Monitor Targets.
  • Track Compliance