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Guide to Checklists


This information guide will assist the user with creating, actioning and managing/editing checklists on Safety 360 Elite.

To  create and manage/edit checklists on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Active Safety 360 Elite Full or Lite system.
  • Control user privileges provided

Only control users or department managers/assistant or user with a checklist collaborator role can create, manage/edit checklists.

All users can Action checklists in their Region.

Checklist process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. Build new Checklist
  2. Checklist Types
  3. Checklist Dashboard
  4. Activate Checklist
  5. Checklist Library
  6. Edit Checklist
  7. Action Checklist
  8. Completed Checklist Dashboard
  9. Find Checklists
  10. Archive Checklist
  11. Audit Type Checklists
  12. Rejected Audit Register


On the left Navigational Panel, select CHECKLISTS to start.

From there ,you will see the following options inside.

For this guide we will start with Build a New Checklist.

Build a New Checklist

Once you click Build A New Checklist you will see options to Build a New Checklist or Build from Library as shown below.

The main difference is: New Checklist will take you to the Builder with NO CONTENT, while Build From Library will take you to the builder with CONTENT FROM SELECTED TEMPLATE. There are currently 75+ templates to choose from and the list is growing

The content from a template can be edited and customized in the builder.

For the purpose of this guide, we will focus on New Checklist.

When building a New Checklist, you will have to add the following information:

  • Checklist name
  • Document number (Optional)
  • Version Number (Mandatory)
  • Answer type (Mandatory: the System has three answer types to choose from)

  • Select region ( Mandatory: based on your system Workplace setup)
  • Checklist Type ( Mandatory selection based on the type of checklist you want to create/build)

The creator will also be able to copy from an existing checklist, as well as apply settings to checklist including:

  • Allow actioned checklist to be Approved/Rejected
  • Allow Forms linked to Checklist to be optional


The page will look like this:

Completed page will look like this:

Once all required info has been captured, the Save Checklist option will become available.

Checklist Types

Safety 360 Elite has 7 Types of Checklists. The difference is explained below.


The creation of Inventory and Audit type checklists require additional input.

Checklist Dashboard

Overview – This card will show all Checklist information including:

  • Name
  • Status (Approved/Drafting)
  • Type
  • Regions
  • Version and Document Number

Users can click the Pencil Icon to update info.

Checklist Forms – Here users can link Forms to the Checklist.

Groups – This will show Checklist content Section/Groups as well as amount of questions.

Contributors – Here users can allocate Contributors, other users that can edit checklist.

History – The History log will show all Checklist Dashboard activity.

Checklist - Information

Let us now breakdown the Dashboard cards to easily understand them:

The information page will show all details entered at Creation. This info can be edited by clicking the Pencil in Top Right Corner.

The Pencil next to Status will allow you to change status between.

Checklist - Forms

Next up is Checklist Forms.

Here the user can select Forms to be actioned along with checklist. Depending on the settings you added when the checklist was created, these Forms can be optional. (Something you can change from Information Edit on previous slide)

By Clicking the Pencil icon, a list of all available Forms will be shown, and the user can multi-select applicable Forms.

Checklist – Sections/Groups

Now we move to the Groups card. This is where you can add Sections/Groups/Questions to your checklist. If you Build New Checklist this will all be empty. If you Build From Library, it will contain the content from the Template you selected.

There are 3 Levels when adding Checklist content:

You can have multiple Sections containing multiple groups each with their own question set.

Alternatively you can have a single Section with a single Group containing all the relevant Questions.

SECTION AND GROUPS CAN BE MARKED AS NOT APPLICABLE IN BULK. If the Section/Group is not applicable, use this so you don’t have to individually answer the questions.

Click the Pencil Icon to start adding Sections/Groups/Questions to your Checklist.

The General Section is there by default, if you won’t be adding separate Sections, please use this to start adding Groups.

When adding a New Section you can choose a Section Name, as well as add a Description.

The same for adding Groups.

Section and Group name are mandatory, but description is optional.

For this guide we will be building a Checklist using the Default Section, with 2 groups containing 2 Questions each.

After adding our Groups, the page will look like this:

Now we need to add the Questions. This can be done by clicking the list icon shown above.

After clicking the list icon, you will be taken to the Checklist Group Question Modal as shown below:

Click the + icon shown above, this will open the Add Question To This Group Modal.

This is where you can add all the relevant questions to the checklist group as well as some statuses that can be assigned per Question;

Add your question in the box provided and apply the relevant statuses.

Checklist – Find your Checklist

Once all the information has been captured and the user clicked Save Checklist, the data will be stored and a folder for checklist will be created in IMS.

The user will now be taken to the Checklist Dashboard. Please note all created checklists are set to DRAFTING state until moved to APPROVED by the user. ONLY APPROVED CHECKLISTS CAN BE ACTIONED.

The checklist dashboard can be found by navigating to View Built Checklists, under the relevant type of checklist tab.

Please make sure to apply filter to show Approved/Drafting checklists.

Activate Checklist for use

Remember that only Approved checklists can be actioned. Once you have completed the build and added all the required Sections/Groups/Questions, you can put the Checklist in Approved state from Checklist Dashboard as shown below.

Checklist Library

When you BUILD FROM LIBRARY you will get all the different types of checklists

templates available. To make use of them simply click on USE TEMPLATE.

Browse through templates or use the search bar.

Edit/Manage Checklist

To edit/update/add information to your checklist, navigate to the Checklist Dashboard

(Checklists -> View Built Checklists -> Find relevant checklist type -> Find Checklist -> Click the Edit Icon).

If your checklist has not been approved and is still in drafting stage, please remember to use the Approved/Drafting filter to switch views.

Once you have clicked Edit on the relevant checklist, you will be taken to the Checklist Dashboard.


Action Approved Checklist

To Action an Approved Checklist, Navigate to Checklists -> View Built Checklists.

From here navigate to the relevant Checklist Type and find the checklist you want to action. You can also use the Search Bar (note the search bar only searches in the relevant checklist type).

After you have clicked Action, you will be taken to the Action Checklist Modal.

Action Approved Checklist – Location

Please note when using your web browser to action Safety 360 Elite checklists you might get asked to Allow/Block location information.

Safety 360 Elite will log your location on the Checklist pdf itself, and users will be able to view the coordinates of where checklist was completed.

Once all required input has been received, the Store Checklist Basic Setup icon will become active, and you will be ready to proceed.

The next step is to complete the checklist. Here you will see the Section/Groups of your checklist.

Once you have clicked a Group you will see all the Questions linked to that Group. 

Completed Group 1 example below. 

Completed Group 1 example below. 

Once all Groups have been confirmed and all Questions have been answered, you can proceed to Sign the Checklist.

This will finalize the checklist.

Action Approved Checklist – Checklist Validation

Before you are taken to the signature page you will pass through the Validation modal. This will confirm If all required inputs have been completed. Only completed Checklists can be signed off

Action Approved Checklist – Checklist Signing

The signature box will allow you to add your digital signature. The first time you sign on Safety 360 Elite you will need to add your signature which can be stored for use in the future.

This requires you to draw your signature. Please note NO images can be used.

Once your signature has been added, you can click the Submit button to finalize checklist.

Completed Checklist Dashboard

After successfully signing the checklist, you will be taken to the Completed Checklist Dashboard as shown below.

Find Completed/Incomplete Checklists

To find your completed checklists, navigate to Checklists -> View Checklist Registers.

Find Completed Checklists

The Completed checklist register will show all completed checklists under the relevant type.

Find Incomplete Checklists

The Incomplete checklist register will show all completed checklists that have not been completed.

Archive Built Checklist

To Archive (Remove) an already built Checklist, Navigate to Checklists -> View Built Checklists -> Find the relevant Checklist -> click to EDIT to open Checklist Dashboard.

From the Checklist Dashboard, go to the Status selection (Where you switch between Approve/Drafting), there you will find the Archive option. 


Under the Checklist Register tab you will find cards for the following:

Restore Archived Checklist

To restore an Archived Checklist, open the relevant Register (Incomplete/Completed/Templates) and click the Restore Checklist button shown below. 


Audit Type Checklists

When you action an Audit Type Checklist there are several selectable fields that need to be completed.

These fields will all be displayed on the Audit PDF.

Finalizing Audit Type Checklist

After you have completed all Sections/Groups/Questions of your Audit Type Checklist, and you have passed the validation stage, you would nee to ensure all required Team members and Interviewees sign the audit.

If you are the sole member, you can click Sign Audit Members. This will take you to the Auditor Required Signatures modal shown below.

The next step would be to Approve/Reject the audit, and your Conclusion wording and Finalize the checklist.

If you are part of a Team, or there are Interviewees required to sign as well, you can click Sign Audit Members.

Rejected Audit Register

To create a follow up version of Rejected Audit, please navigate to Checklists -> Checklist Registers -> Rejected Audits as shown below.

This register will show you all the Audit Type Checklists that have been rejected (Failed).

If you are creator, or Control user, you can click on the relevant checklist to open the Checklist Dashboard.

The Audit Checklist Dashboard is shown below:

Rules To Remember

  • Only Control users and any user with checklist collaborator role can create/manage/edit checklists.
  • Only approved checklists can be utilized by any user with the safety 360 elite user access.
  • You can only make changes to checklists while they are in Drafting state.
  • Actioned checklists can be sent directly to Safety Files and Projects.
  • Once a checklist has been archived it can no longer be actioned by users.
  • Archived checklists can be reinstated by creator or control user.
  • You can also complete checklists on the Safety 360 Elite application, found on Playstore and iStore



Checklists aims to assist system users with identifying, mitigating and managing non conformances through inspections.

Use this platform to inspect anything, anytime, anywhere.