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Managing Inventory Items


This information guide will assist the user with uploading, managing and utilizing inventory items on Safety 360 Elite.

Only “control users” and “Inventory control” users on the system can load and manage inventory items.

Inventory items are used to keep track of vehicles and equipment. Inventory items can be managed according to regions and can be assigned to employees through Collections.

This guide will go through the following options:

  1. Inventory
  2. Creating a new Inventory item
  3. Inventory Categories
  4. Manage Inventory
  5. Inventory Collections
  6. Archived Inventory
  7. Properties
  8. Property Dashboard
  9. Upload Multiple Properties


Inventory can be found on the left navigation pane, under the System heading as shown below.

From the main page, the following Cards are available:

Property allows you to add physical locations in the form of Buildings and Rooms. These can be linked to Emergency Preparedness, but more on that a bit later

Creating a new Inventory Item

On your system navigate to “Inventory” and select “Manage” as shown below.

Select the menu button to open a drop-down, where you can manage inventory items.

Here you will see the following options.


Create A Single Inventory Item

Select the “Create a single inventory item”

Upload Multiple Inventory Items

Select the “Upload Multiple inventory item”

Here You can make use of the .csv function to create a list of multiple inventory items.

Download the inventory .csv example file and add your items.

Download QR Code List

Select the “Download QR code list of filtered items”

The system creates a QR code for each inventory item. Here you can bulk download QR codes for filtered items.

The QR code can be used, to label your inventory items.

Scan the QR code through the mobile app to:

  • View the Item.
  • Action checklist linked to the item.
  • Action forms linked to the item

Download a CSV List

You can download a CSV list of filtered items or of all inventory items in your region.

The system creates a CSV list with Inventory information and details.

These lists can be used to update information, you can download a .csv list and make changes then re-upload.

Inventory Categories

Navigate to “Inventory” as shown below and select “Categories”.

Creating Categories for Inventory Items

Select the add button to open a drop-down, where you can add different categories.

By selecting the add folder, you can type the name of the main folder.

Let’s add firefighting equipment.

We can now see the created Category as an option on our list. This option can now be assigned to Inventory Items and linked to Checklist and Forms.

Select the add button to open a drop-down, where you can add different sub-categories for your inventory items.

By selecting the add folder, you can now type the name of the subfolder.

Let’s add Firehose Reel #1.

By using the pencil icon, you can edit the name of the folder. Please have a look at the “Checklist” guide for linking a checklist to an inventory item. 


Emergency Preparedness Categories

Safety 360 Elite comes with pre-built Categories and sub-categories. These are used in other features of the system, including Emergency Preparedness and Vehicles.

The Emergency Preparedness default sub-categories include the following.

These categories cannot be removed.

The default Emergency Preparedness categories explained below.

Manage Inventory

Make your way to “Manage” and let’s see how to manage a single Inventory Item.

Editing an Inventory Item

Select the “Inventory item” you would like to edit

From the list of Inventory Items, select the item you would like to edit. A detailed screen relating to the Item will open.

This is called the Inventory Item Dashboard. It’s your 1-stop-shop for all information on this item.

Inventory Dashboard

The inventory dashboard is laid out in 6 sections, namely: Inventory Item Details (including Forms), Inventory Categories, Inventory Images, Inventory Inspection Forms, View And Manage Inventory Files and View Inventory Usage.

Inventory Dashboard – Item Details

Here you can view all inventory item details, as well as additional details added through Forms.

To update or change Inventory Item details, click the pencil icon show below.

Inventory Dashboard – Categories

Select the Plus, to edit “Inventory categories”.

By selecting the plus, you can set the “inventory categories” selection from the drop-down list.

Inventory Dashboard – Images

Select the pen to edit the “Image for Inventory item”.

Select the pencil, in the drop-down field, you can drag and drop an image from your file manager.

Here u can load up to 3 images per Inventory item. This helps the user in identifying the inventory item as well as show condition upon capture.

Inventory Dashboard – Inspection Forms

Select Plus, to edit the “Inventory Inspection Form”.

By selecting the plus, you can add inspection forms for your Inventory Item.

Forms are covered in a separate guide. Forms can be used for Inventory Inspections.

Inventory Dashboard – Inventory Files

View and manage inventory files.

By selecting the individual folders, you can add new files/certificates by uploading them from the file explorer.

Remember to add, the start and end dates of specific documents. This will help the system remind you of expiring documents.

Inventory Dashboard – Inventory Usage

The Inventory Usage page will show all features where Inventory is linked and how they have been used.

Inventory Dashboard – QR Codes

From the Main Inventory Dashboard, click the QR code icon shown below.

Here the user can view and Download the QR code.

The QR code can be accessed via the Safety 360 Elite Mobile app on Android or iOS. There users can scan the QR code to view Inventory Dashboard as well as Action a Checklist or Complete a Form.

Inventory Collections

On your system navigate to “Inventory” as shown below and select “Collections”.

Creating Collections for Inventory Items

Adding Inventory Items to your new collection.

Click the PLUS button to start adding Inventory Items to the Collection.


Archived Inventory

Navigate to “Inventory” as shown below and select “Archive Inventory”.

Archived Inventory for Inventory Items

Select the line item you want to archive.

By selecting the line item, you can archive the item, or you can “un-archive” the item.

Items that have been archived, can be restored by clicking Yes


Navigate to “Inventory” as shown below and select “Property”.

Inventory Property List

This will open the Main Inventory Property List. Here you can add new Properties as well as Manage/Edit already created ones.

To add new Properties, click the + icon shown above. This will take you to the Create New Property modal, which contains the following information:

When adding a Region, you can select a specific region or Entire Company which will make it available to all Regions.

Create New Property

The Create New Property page looks like this.

Adding Site Location will open Google Maps box where user can select/type address.

Inventory Property List

Once you have added your Property, it will show on the main Inventory Property List as shown below. You can continue to add more properties as required, or you can click the added Property Line item to open the Property Dashboard.

The Dashboard will show all Property details, allow you to edit and update them, as well as link Rooms to this Property.

You can also create a PDF of the Property on the Dashboard.

Property Dashboard

The Property Overview Dashboard will show all Property details. You can edit these details by click the Pencil Icon as shown below.

You can also link Rooms to this property by clicking the + Icon shown above.

Create Room

The Property Rooms page will require you to give the Room a name as well as a description.

Once both have been completed, the Confirm button will activate.

The Property Overview Dashboard will now show the added Room. You can repeat the process if required.

You can click the Room line item to open Room Dashboard where you can link specific Inventory to Rooms.

Room Dashboard

The Room dashboard will show all Room details. You can click the Pencil icon to update, and click the Archive icon to remove Room.

To add specific Inventory to a Room, click the + icon shown above.

Link Inventory to Rooms

This will open Add/Edit Inventory Items modal shown below, here you can use the dropdown of already added and categorized inventory items to link to this Room.

Once done; click Confirm to link Inventory to Room.

Upload Multiple Properties

Navigate to “Inventory” as shown below and select “Property/Room Multi Upload”.

Please observe the following Notes.



Inventory items are used to keep track of vehicles and equipment. Inventory items can be managed according to regions and can be assigned to employees through Collections.

  • Keep track of your inventory items.
  • Link specific inventory items to Users and Properties.
  • Creates Asset Register including Buildings and Rooms.
  • Allow certain items to be grouped together for certain tasks.

Use this platform to inspect anything, anytime, anywhere