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Guide to Employee Management


This information guide will assist you with creating, loading, and managing/editing employees, and their data, on Safety 360 Elite.

To manage employees on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Active Safety 360 Elite Full or Lite system.
  • Control user privileges provided
  • If not Control User, must have Employee Coordinator HSE Role or be a Department Manager or Assistant Manager.

Only users with correct permission will have access to Employees Data.

Employee Management process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. Employees
  2. Create all Employee Profiles
  3. Batch upload
  4. API
  5. Employee List
  6. Employee Dashboard
  7. Load Employee Competence Files
  8. Assign Company Roles (HSE Roles)
  9. Employee Counts
  10. Employee Change log
  11. User Activation
  12. User List
  13. Create User
  14. User Folder Permissions
  15. User Access
  16. Terminating Employee
  17. Employee Management in IMS
  18. Employee Expiring Files
  19. Employee QR Code
  20. Departments
  21. Teams
  22. Employee Reports

Safety 360 Elite Employee Management want to empower you to easily manage all employee data on the cloud in real time. Through our Create, Load and Manage cycle we aim to alleviate the time taken, and stress caused through managing employee information.

Create a Profile for each employee. If you want to manage their documents, if you want to select them from list, if you want to report on their involvement, they MUST be on your Manage list.

Load all Employee Data. This includes all files and documents associated with this employee. This will set the foundation of your management process going forward.

Manage Employee Data. By making use of Dashboard, Reports and Registers we strive to make managing employees as easy as possible by providing cloud computing tools to assist.


Employees is a vital part of Safety 360 Elite. It is recommended to spend adequate time Creating Employee Profiles and Loading Employee Documents in order to obtain cloud-based assistance from the system in managing them all.

Important to remember only Control users, or users with correct permission can create Employee Profiles and use Employee Data.

Employees can be found on the left navigation pane under System tab, or from the main dashboard icon on as shown below:

On the Lite system the layout is more compact as not all features are available. Lite view shown below:

Difference between Employee Types

Permanent Employees cannot be downgraded to Casual level, but Casual can be upgraded to Permanent. Contact your designated Affsaf Consultant to find out how.

Creating Employees

Safety 360 Elite is built to manage employees.

ALL employees must be loaded to system, regardless of whether they will be users or not.

If your Health and Safety system needs to know about an employee, they must be on the Manage list.

There are 3 ways to load/create employee profiles on the system:

  • Create – Single upload, 1 by 1
  • Batch – Multiple upload, populate template and upload
  • API – GET/POST api routes available

Please contact your designated consultant to find out more about increasing employee numbers.


On the main employee page, you can click +Add An Employee, as shown below.

This will take you to the Create Employee page show to the right

The Employee Additional Info is optional.

Info captured here include:

  • ID
  • Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details
  • Department
  • *Age
  • *Sex
  • *Ethnicity
  • *Position and Title


Batch Upload

Under both Manage Permanent and Casual Employees you will find the Multi Upload card.

This allows users to Download a CSV template from Safety 360 Elite, which can be populated with multiple entries, which can be uploaded back into system.

This makes loading multiple employees easy, as well as allows for a quick way to update employee information. (download list-> review-> upload for changes to take effect)


  • The Template can not be altered in any way (no changes to columns)
  • System creates employee profile per ID number
  • All required fields must receive valid input

Multi Upload main page with Notes.

If your template is accepted, you will get the confirmation notification shown in RED below.

The confirmation page will show all validated information. You must select a Primary Department, Show in RED below, for the Upload Your Csv Employees Icon to become active.

If you are satisfied with results, click Upload Your Csv Employees


Safety 360 Elite currently offers 2 API routes for Employee addition; GET or POST. API Information, including API Key, can be found under 360API on the left navigation pane as shown Below

GET: Retrieves a list from system

POST: Posts a list to system

Employee List

Make use of the following filters to easily find employees:

  • Use the search bar to find employees
  • You can also filter list by Roles
  • The user filter will adjust list to only show employees that have user access. The other option will show terminated employees.
  • Filter list by specific file requirements
  • Download list of all employees in CSV

From the Manage Employee List shown below, click on an employee to explore.

Employee Dashboard

Each Employee has their own Dashboard, containing all their information. By clicking on the Employee line item from the Manage List, you will be taken to the Employee Dashboard.

The Dashboard is broken up into 5 Cards by default, with User Account becoming 6 when activated

  1. Employee Details  – Shows personal details
  2. Employee Competence Files  – Medicals/Licences/Training etc
  3. Company Roles  – Official designations to monitor competence
  4. Employee Counts  – System inputs the employee was involved in
  5. Employee Change Log  – Changes made to dashboard
  6. User Account  – User type/status

Employee Details

This section deals with Employee Details

This covers all personal information. Access is restricted to ensure POPI compliance can be managed. Only users with correct permission will be allowed access to this data.

Employee Details covers all information the system requires to manage effectively, these include:

  • Personal Information
  • Employment Information

The Manage employees lists on Safety 360 Elite are restricted to Control users, and users with correct permission to ensure POPI compliance. The documents loaded to Employee Dashboards are further encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure effective cyber security.

It is your responsibility to manage who has access to Employee Data. Please ensure regular maintenance is conducted on your user list to maintain compliance.

To edit/update/add information to the Employee Details tab, click the green Pencil icon as shown below.

Employee Competence Files 

This section deals with Employee Competence

Here you will load all:

  • Medical Fitness Documents (entry/annual/exit)
  • Drivers Licence (all types)
  • Training and Competence Files (database controlled list)
  • Employee Info (visa’s/other employee info)
  • Appointment Letters (link or load)
  • Awareness and Inductions

Employee Competence Files

Employee Competence Files, are all the documents and files associated with Employee Management.

Load Competence Files

Employee Competence is for all Employee Data.

Click the relevant heading to start uploading/linking documents to employees.

To add info to Employee Competence, you can click on the relevant heading and select either Add A New File or Select File From IMS

This will open the Upload File dialog as shown below. You can browse through the File Types to find specific type or select OTHER for a generic heading.

Validity dates are requires, if no date exists use your current date as Effective From and +12 months for Expires on.

Documents can be dragged and dropped, or you can click in the box to open file explorer.


Select File From IMS will open a File Explorer window to navigate the IMS. You can use the search functions highlighted below, or navigate to where the File is stored.

* The top Search looks for files.
* While the Bottom Search Folder looks for folder names.

Once you have found and selected the file, the following disclaimer will pop-up:

WARNING: You have selected ###.## file. This action will remove the file from the folder in your File Manager and add it to this employee directory. Do you want to continue?

If you select yes it will complete the process and link the existing document to the employee directory.

Company Roles

This section deals with Employee Roles.

There are 121 hse roles into 3 categories. These set permissions to employees. They also acts as source of Competence Tracking and Managing.

These can be set on all Employees to inform the system of what they do. These roles also grant permission to certain system features as well as forms the base for Employee Competence Manager to ensure employees have the correct training to fulfil certain legal requirements.

Multiple roles from all categories can be assigned to Employees as required. This will instruct the system as to the Employee Scope Of Work.

* Remember to click Set Roles once added

Employee Counts

This section deals with Employee Counts.

This is informational. If this employee is involved in a system processes listed, it will show on the list. You can click the list to see all items



On the employee Dashboard you can see all the counts of Employee involvement in your HSMS.

Clicking on the count you want to see to open the register.

Employee Change Log

This section deals with Employee Change Log.

All changes and updates to profile log here.

The Change Log will record any updates made to Employee Profile.

This will show the username of person who made change, the change that was made, as well as the date and time of change.

User Activation

There is no user limit on Safety 360 Elite, but only Permanent employees can be users.

There are 3 types of users on Safety 360 Elite:

When you grant an employee user access, they will receive an email with set-up package including setting their own username and password.

Once completed they will be an active user.

User List

On the Employee Manage page, you will find a list of all loaded employees, along with a filter to view those that already have user access (show in RED below):

You can also make use of filter to find employees, either by Role or by File Type.

Create User

From main employee list, click on the Employee you would like to give access. This will take you to the Employee Dashboard.

On the Dashboard, Click the GEAR icon highlighted in RED below.

This will open the following:

Click the “Create User” button.

User Creation Management

This will activate the User Creation Management card and will require input as to User Type and Applicable Regions, meaning what does the user do and where in your organisation this Employee is allowed to operate.

Once done, the Send Invite icon will activate which will send an invite to the employee’s email and they will set-up their own Username and Password.

While in Pending state the User Details page will look like this, click the Pencil icon to open User Creation Management

User Creation Management page allows for re-send and remove options.

When the user has opened the email and activated their login, the User Details page will display as shown below.

You can click the Pencil icon to open the User Creation Management page to update or remove user details. This will open the User Management tab.

Once inside User Management, you can click User Settings to action the following:

Remember to click Update User Account.

User Folder Permissions

Once the user account has been confirmed, Folder Permission settings come into play. These are permissions granted to user to allow them access to specific types of documents on the system.

Folder permissions can be found in the Employee Details box, under the Gear Settings tab shown below:

There will now be a 3rd option:

Here you can give access for specific File Types, or you can select All File Types.

Remember to scroll down all the way and click Set Permissions for them to take affect.

User Access

Access to Safety 360 Elite can be open to all or restricted to few depending on the needs of your organization.

When employees are granted user access there are several additional controls that come into play to  ensure Information Security. The type of user (control/standard/input) as well as Folder Permissions will determine your access to data on the system.

Should you have any questions regarding User Access, please contact your designated Affsaf consultant

Terminating Employee

To Terminate an Employee Profile, if the employee is no longer employed, head to the Employee Dashboard of relevant employee and click the Pencil icon shown below in RED.

From there scroll down till you see the Terminate Employee icon.

This will require 2 step verification.

Once confirmed it will remove the employee from your Manage list. The employee will also not be selectable on any system dropdown menus.

You can view terminated employees from the main Employee List, using the filter shown below.

You can contact your designated consultant to assist with re-instating terminated employees.

Employee Management in IMS

Every Employee Profile created on the system gets assigned a unique folder in the Safety 360 Elite File Explorer. This is the end destination of your employee data.

To Find Employee data in the IMS, navigate to File Manager and click the File Explorer icon as shown below.

*The colour has changed from Blue to Grey indicating we are in a new Feature.

From there you will be take to ROOT folder in IMS. You can use the RED Search box shown below which looks for files. Use the GREEN Search Folders box which looks for folders.

Or in our case, select Employee Management from the Root directory.

Under Employee Management you will find a folder for each Employee Profile, containing all the Employee data loaded for easy management.

Use Search Folder to easily find employee folders.

Only Control users, or users with correct permission have access to the IMS. Folder Permissions set on active Users further restricts file types in the IMS.

Any changes made to the Employee Profile will reflect in the IMS.

When you Terminate an Employee profile, the Employee folder in the IMS will not be removed for Historical Record purposes.

IMPORTANT! Employee data can NOT be loaded to IMS to start, it MUST be loaded through the Employee Dashboard – Competence Files section.

Employee Expiring Files

All Employee documents loaded to the system require a valid date range. Once the documents reach within 30 days of the set expiry date, a new entry will be made in the Employee Expiring Files Register.

This can be found on the main employee page, either under Manage Permanent Employees or Manage Casual Employees. They each have their own register.

This register will show you all Employee files that are going to expire within the next 30 days. Files that have already expired will also be listed here.

Entries on this list is grouped per employee.

If you would like to Automate expiry files notifications, please head to Notification Centre.

Employee Expiring Files will remind you of all documents expiring within the next 30 days. These will be grouped by employee.

To set up automated notifications, head to the Notification Center to build Expiring Files Notifications.

Contact your designated consultant to find out how.

Employee QR Code

Employee QR Codes are disabled by default. A control user, or user with correct permission, must go into the Employee Profile and Activate the QR Code for that employee. This is done to empower POPIA compliance as special permission must be granted.

Employee QR Code activation can be found on the Employee Dashboard, under Employee Details box as show highlighted in RED below

You will be required to confirm you understand the disclaimer provided when activating QR codes for employees.

If you click Cancel, the QR activation process will be halted. If you click Yes, you will be taken to the Employee QR Code Setup page.

By default, only basic employee information is show when scanning an Employee QR Code. This includes Name, Surname and Company of employment (where the employee profile is stored).

The following can be added to QR Code.

You can add any variations of permission as required, per employee. When you are done, click Save QR-Code View Settings as shown below.

Confirming the settings will Activate the Employee QR code for this employee.

From the main Employee Dashboard, you can click the QR code icon again to gain access to the activated QR Code.

This will now open the View QR-Code for (username) window.

Click “Download “to Download QR Code, or Click “Edit settings” to adjust any details on the QR code.

Employee QR Codes allows for quick access to vital required Employee Information.

Through individual setup and selectable permissions, you can ensure only the information you want displayed is shown when scanning Employee QR Codes.

These QR codes can be downloaded and added to Employee ID badges for seamless integration and access. Contact your designated consultant to find out more.


Departments allows you to group employees together and assign specific roles to those employees.

Through the assigning of Department Manager and Assistant Manager, you can give certain employees access to specific Employee Data.

It is recommended to do regular maintenance on your Employee List, including Departments to ensure system has accurate information.

Departments can be found on the main Employee Page as shown below.

Departments allows you to group employees together and determine which roles they perform in their group. Departments can be used to generate a Department Structure pdf.

When your system is activated and registered, it will auto create a default department. This department will have the same name as your system.

To create a new department, click the + icon highlighted above in Red.

Here you will add Department information. All fields are mandatory and must be completed.

  • Department Name
  • Department Description
  • Department Manager
  • Department Assistant Manager
  • Parent Department*

*select Default department as main

NB: Please note Department Managers and Assistant Managers will have access to Employees’ data. To ensure POPIA compliance please do regular maintenance on your Employee list to ensure only correct users have access to personal information.

Below shows the newly created HSE Department.

You can click on a Department line item to expand and manage employee involvement.

From the Edit Department modal, you can click the GREEN pencil to update Department info, including Managers and Assistants

The RED pencil shown above will allow you to add/manage employees in this Department

Add Employees to Department

The Select Employee modal allows you to add employees to this department. This is a multi select box.

Use the search box to easily find employees


Once completed all selected names will be ticked


The updated Department Dashboard will show all information, including linked employees.

You can click on an Employee line item to assign specific roles for this department.

You can only assign department roles to this employee if they have that role set.

Click Update Employee Roles to add specific roles for this department.

An example of completed Department Employee Roles shown below.

Once all employees have been linked, and all roles have been assigned, you can click the PDF icon as shown below to download a Department Org Chart.


Teams can be selected and added when building Projects. They also form basis of Permit To Work process, linking Employees to Scopes of Work.

It is recommended to do regular maintenance on your Employee List, including Teams setup to ensure system has accurate information.

Teams allows you to group employees together that forms part of your Project Control, Site Access and Permit To Work (PTW).

Click the + New Team line item, give the team a Name, and click Create Team to start creating a new Team.

Once you get the confirmation notification the Team will appear on your list and you can add more Teams.

Click the Pencil icon show highlighted in RED below to start adding employees to your Team.

This will open the Edit Team page where you can edit/update Team information, as well as assign and remove employees from the Team.

Edit Team Page shown below.

Employee Reports

Employee Reports and File Reports will bring back your data based on your selected filters. This makes analyzing and extracting value from your data much easier.

It is recommended to do regular maintenance on your Employee List to ensure system has accurate information.

Under the Left Navigation Pane you will find Reports. Clicking the icon will open the Reports page if the user has the correct HSE role (Reports Controller).

If this role is not assigned, the user will not be able to use reports. The report tabs are colour coded for ease of use.

You can make use of Employee Reports for:

  • Department reports
  • Roles report
  • Expiry file report

Or you can use the File Reports to filter by:

  • File type
  • Expiry


Rules to Remember

Only users with correct permissions will be allowed to Manage Employees. These are:

  • Control
  • Department Managers/Assistant Manager
  • Users with Employee Coordinator HSE Role

Only these users can load and access employees and their data. To ensure POPI compliance, please make sure only the correct employees have access to personal information.

It is your responsibility to manage who has access to Employee Data. Please ensure regular maintenance is conducted on your user list to maintain compliance.


Employees Process


Employee Management aims to assist you with creating, loading, managing and editing/updating Employee Data digitally.

Real time employee data empowers real time decision making.