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Mobile App Setup


This information guide will assist the user with installing, login and utilise the Safety 360 Elite Mobile App for Android and iOS devices

The Safety 360 Elite App can be installed on any Android (Android 5.0 and up) or any iOS (version 11.0 and up) DeviceOnly users with the role of Safety File Controller can be added to Safety File. Only users with role of Contractor Manager can receive files.

We will look at:

  1. Install The App
  2. Login Verify, Sync Your Data
  3. Workspace and Region
  4. Confirmation and Profile
  5. Offline mode
  6. Debugging

Install the App

For iOS please go to :   

      ​ ​

Login Verify, Sync Your Data​

Live System data is downloaded and stored on your device for offline use. 

A user profile set up via the Live system is required for access to the App.

Country Selection​​
Servers available in RSA and Australia. By default it will connect to local region​.

Reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the Live System (​)

Sync Your Data

This will download all the relevant and required data needed for use in system features.

This includes checklist and inventory data, user information for regions/ops selections, as well as system permissions and roles.

This is the data the app will use when in offline state, valid for 7 Days​.

Workspace and Region

App Data
This is where users can verify validity of data, as well as sync for new data set download.

When a user logs in, they would first need to verify their Workspace. This can be selected from main page, then managed under the Profile Tab​.

Features will be ‘greyed’ out and unavailable until Workspace is set

Set Your Region
This will show the current region as per Live system (if user has logged in on Live). It will be required to Update your region on new login.

The user can click: “Select an item” and pick from a list of available regions. This can be updated at any time.

Once selected click Update Region for changes to take affect. 

Confirmation and Profile

Ready for Use
After the user has completed Workspace setup the app features will be ready for use.

Currently Safety 360 Elite mobile app caters for Checklist, Inventory, Incident Reports and Forms but the list is growing fast. 

By clicking the Profile tab on bottom navigation pane, users will be taken to profile dashboard.

Here they can 

  • Update Workspace
  • View company roles
  • Manage app permissions
  • View user type
  • Logout

Offline Mode​

App Data
Once App data has been synced, users can use this data in an offline environment. 

If the user is an a geographical region without sufficient network infrastructure, or their mobile data has run out, they can still complete their required checklists and inspections to be uploaded at a later stage when connection is established.

This Offline mode is sustainable for a period of 7 DAYS from data sync. After a period of DAYS the user would be required to resync data to ensure they have latest information.


On the mobile app main page, users will find the Debugging feature.

This feature should be accessed should the user encounter any technical issues during the user of Safety 360 Elite Mobile application.

By clicking “Launch” under Debugging, users will be taken to troubleshooting page.

Upload State
Here users can upload current phone state to allow inspection of Safety 360 Elite mobile application data​.

The error log will be referenced if any problems occur during mobile usage. This information will help us find and fix any problems as quick as possible.