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Mobile App Setup


This information guide will assist the user with installing, login and utilise the Safety 360 Elite Mobile App for Android and iOS devices

The Safety 360 Elite Mobile App can be installed on any Android (Android 6.0 and up), iOS (version 13.0 and up) or Huawei Device through the relevant app stores.

We will look at:

  1. Install The App
  2. Login Verify, Sync Your Data
  3. Workspace and Region
  4. Confirmation and Profile
  5. Offline mode
  6. Debugging

Install the App

To install the Safety 360 Elite Mobile App on your device, simply head to your app store and search for “safety 360 elite”.

You can also follow the links or QR codes below:

For iOS please go to :   

      ​ ​

For Huawei please go to :

      ​ ​

Install the App on your device APK File :


Once on the Resourcces page, scroll down to Downloadable content. You’ll be looking for the Android logo

Login & Landing page

Live System data is downloaded and stored on your device for offline use. This includes Checklist, Forms, Contractor and Inventory data.

All the data the mobile app will need to function offline is stored on your local device

Here people with user access can log into Safety 360 Elite Mobile application. This will require your Safety 360 Elite username and password.

Password Reset
Password Reset can only be done on the web application. Please visit:

Unauthenticated Features
Unauthenticated Features can be used without user access.

Version Number
Important to check you always have the latest version of Safety 360 Elite mobile app.

Unauthenticated Features

This will take you back to Login page.

Time and Attendance
All employees can use Time and Attendance without the need to login. They would need to register their device first.

Unauthenticated Features
Unauthenticated Features can be used without user access.

This will take you to the web app –

Version Number
Important to check you always have the latest version of Safety 360 Elite mobile app.

Login and Verify Sync Your Data

A user profile set up via the Live system is required for access to the App.

Click the LOGIN button when you are ready

Reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the Live System –






Sync Your Data
This will download all the relevant and required data needed.

This includes checklist and inventory data, user information for regions/ops selections, as well as system permissions and roles.

This is the data the app will use when in offline state, valid for 7 Days

Workspace and Region

App Data
This is where users can verify validity of data, as well as sync for new data set download

When a user logs in, they would first need to verify their Workspace. This can be selected from main page, then managed under the Profile Tab.

Features will be unavailable until Workspace is set.





Set Your Region
Here you must set your Workpsace.

The user can click: “Select Region” and pick from a list of available regions. This can be updated at any time.

Once selected click Update Workspace for changes to take affect.



Ready for Use
After the user has completed Workspace setup the app features will be ready for use.

Currently Safety 360 Elite mobile app Features are:

  • Checklist
  • Incident Management
  • Time and Attendance
  • Inventory
  • PPE
  • Forms
  • Journeys
  • Sites

and the list is growing fast.



App Data
Remember to regularly sync your app data to ensure you have the latest information to use.

Tools available include:

  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Notifications
  • Debugging
  • Weblink

Profile and Permissions

The Profile page shows informaiton of the current session including.

  • View My Profile
  • My Workspace
  • Company Roles
  • App Permissions
  • Username
  • Type of Users
  • Start of user account date
  • Mobile App Version

This is also where you can Logout.




Please make sure the Mobile App has all the permissions enabled it requires to operate effectively. These include:

  • Location
  • Media
  • Camera

Offline Mode​

App Data

Once App data has been synced, users can use this data in an offline environment.

If the user has no access to the internet, or is an a geographical region without insufficient network infrastructure, they can still complete their required checklists and inspections to be uploaded at a later stage.

This Offline mode is sustainable for a period of 7 DAYS from data sync. After a period of 7 DAYS the user would be required to resync data.