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Guide to Manage Settings


This information guide will assist the user with managing Settings on Safety 360 Elite.

To manage Settings on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Active Safety 360 Elite Full or Lite system
  • Control user access

Only Control users can manage Settings.

The Settings process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. General
  2. Workspace
  3. Company Info
  4. Documents
  5. Scope of Work
  6. Checklist Answer Types
  7. Root Cause Question Types
  8. Rules & Troubleshooting
  9. Settings Overview

General Settings

Settings can be found on the left navigation pane towards the bottom of the scroller, under the Account tab as shown below.

Page opens on General tab; you will also find: Workspace, Company Info, Documents, Scope of Work, Checklist Answer Types and Root Cause Question Types tabs.

On the General Tab you will find Community Status indicator, PTW File Settings, Enforce Ticket Controller, Enable Client Reporting, RCA depth, 2FA , Company Silo, Site Geofence and Password expiry settings.

The following shows all headings on the General tab and their purpose.

General tab features continued.


The General Settings are applicable across the entire system and affect all users.

Settings can only be managed by Control users.


Here you can manage your companies’ workspaces. These are the data silos your system relies on to know what goes where.

Click the + icon shown above to create a new Region

There are 3 levels

  • Region
  • Operation
  • Inspection Area

The hierarchical layout of Workspaces is as follow.

Region – This is the Top Level of Workspaces. Users can be linked to these and they will determine the Operations you can select when actioning system features.

Operation – The next level down allows you to link multiple Operations to Regions. These can be physical locations like offices, or operational levels like Sales/Marketing.

Inspection Area – The final level is what you would select to link a checklist/risk assessment/incident to a specific location.

Company Info

This page is for information on your company. This includes Logo and address for Letterhead, Business Registration* and VAT Numbers*. The latter two are optional.

  • Street Adress
  • Unit
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number Area Code
  • Office Number
  • Business Registration*
  • Vat Number*


All system completed documents will use the information provided under Company Info to create your letterhead.

Based on information from previous slide, completed documents for Affsaf Demo will look like this.


Company Info will form the base of your Letterhead that will be used by the system when generating PDF documents.

Please make sure the correct information is listed here.

Business Registration and VAT numbers are optional.


Documents allows you to add high level company documents to your systems Profile. This information is shared to all linked 360Community systems.

Workers Compensation – This is for your Letter of Good Standing.

Public Liability – Business Insurance documents go here.

Public Liability – Any HSE Specifications documents as per Construction Regulations.

Here you can load: Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Specifications documents.

The following shows all headings on the Document tab and their purpose.


Company Documents, and their validity dates, get linked to your systems profile.

This profile is shared with linked 360Community systems.

Notifications cards under Notification Center can be created to automate reminder on expiring files.

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work builds on your company’s profile by adding the types of work your company does.

These are classified under High / Medium / Low risk work.

Remember to click SAVE once you have added applicable item.

The below table shows all High-Risk Scopes of Work available.

The below table shows all Medium-Risk Scopes of Work available.

The below table shows all Low-Risk Scopes of Work available.


Scopes of Work lists what your company does, to inform other 360Community members when a link has been authorized.

Scopes can be selected and removed by Control users.

Checklist Answer Types

Checklist Answer Types is where you can build custom Checklist Answers. By Default checklists answers can be either:

  • Go / No-Go / Not Applicable / Observation
  • In Place / Not in Place / Not Applicable / Observation
  • Compliant / Not Compliant / Not Applicable / Observation

You will note they all have a Positive, Negative, Not Applicable and Observation option. Under Checklist Answer Types you can customize the wording around these 4 types.

You can click the + icon shown below to start.

This will open the Add Custom Checklist Answer Types page. Here you can create your own custom wording for Checklist Answer Types.

Remember to save these by click “Add Custom Checklist Type”.

Root Cause Question Types

Here you can customize the Questions that will be asked when conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on Safety 360 Elite Non-Conformances.

You can click the + Icon show above the start building custom Root Cause Question Types.

Here you can customize the Questions that will be asked when conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on Safety 360 Elite Non-Conformances.

Here you can select the number of Questions asked by ticking/unticking the Required Box.

You can also type the Custom Questions to be asked.

Remember to click “Confirm Questions” to save your custom answers.

Rules and Troubleshooting

Only Control users can manage Settings.

Settings applies to ALL users and is system wide.

Any documents loaded to Documents in Settings will be shared with linked 360Community systems.

Settings Overview


Settings allows you to control system wide rules. Here you can also create data silos through Workspaces.