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Guide to Dashboard and Widgets


This information guide will assist the user with creating, editing and managing widgets to create custom Dashboards on the Safety 360 Elite.

Setting up a custom dashboard is optional to all system users. By default, all users will see a generic dashboard.

To set up a custom Safety 360 Elite dashboard, we will use the following steps:

  1. Enter Builder
  2. Create Custom Dashboard
  3. Add and Arrange custom widgets
  4. Exit Builder

Default Dashboard

All users will see the Default Dashboard screen as shown below.

The default dashboard provides the following information.


When customizing your Dashboard, you can choose from various Widget Types. The below table shows the types of Widgets and what they do.

These widgets can be placed on your Dashboard, and you get to choose their size. Widgets can be anything from 1 block -> 6 blocks in size.

This will determine how much space they take up on your screen

Enter Edit Mode

If you would like to customize your Dashboard, you will first need to enter Edit Mode. This will allow you to create your own unique Dashboard. While in Edit Mode your Widgets will not be operational, only when you Exit Edit Mode.

To enter Edit Mode, click the icon as shown below.

Create Custom Dashboard

Once in Edit Mode you will be able to add Widgets by clicking the button shown below.

This will open the New Widget Modal.

Add and Arrange custom widgets

Here you can select the Type of Widget, which will open additional dropdown with available options. For the different Types of Widgets, see the Widget section above.

You will also need to set the size of the Widget, this will determine how much space it will occupy on you Dashboard. Sizes can range from 1 Block to 6 Blocks.

Once you have added your first Widget, the default Dashboard will be replaced.

You can then continue building your Dashboard by adding more Widgets.

Created Widgets can also be moved around with Drag-n-Drop feature.

To move a Widget around, click the icons show below and drag the Widget to where you want it.

Created Widgets can be edited and updated by clicking the Pencil icons shown below. Here you can also re-size or remove the Widget.

While in Edit Mode the widgets will not be operational, only when you save and Exit Edit Mode.

Once you are happy with your Custom Dashboard and you have added all required Widgets, you can Exit Edit Mode.

You can repeat the steps in this guide at anytime to update your Dashboard.

The custom Dashboard you create will only be applicable to your user profile.

If you would like to revert to Default Dashboard, you can simply remove all custom widgets. To do this: Enter Edit Mode -> click the pencil icon on the Widget -> click Delete Widget.

This is also where you can re-size created Widgets.

Exit Edit Mode

To Exit Edit Mode and save your Dashboard, click the Exit Edit Mode button shown below.

This will close the Builder and show you completed Dashboard.


Widgets allows users to customize their Dashboard. For more information or assistance please contact your designated Implementor.

Alternatively, you are invited to attend the Wednesday Public Training session @ 10:00 or 14:00