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My Profile


This information guide will assist the user with managing and updating their Profile on Safety 360 Elite.

To create and manage Your Profile on the system the following must be in place:

  • Employees created on system
  • Employees have user access to system
  • User must have Self Manage HSE Role

This guide will go through the following options:

  1. Employee Information
  2. Link Microsoft Account
  3. Employee Competence Files
  4. User Regions
  5. PPE Sizes
  6. Company Roles

My Profile

There are 2 ways to open My Profile. First, On the left navigation pane of Safety360 Elite you will find the “Profile” tab under Account (1). The second is to click the User Icon in Top Right Corner and Select “My Profile”(2).

Both of those option will take you to Profile Dashboard shown below,

It is important to note that by default only Control Users and Department Managers/Assistant Managers have access to Employee Information, the latter with restrictions. This includes the ability to upload, view, manage, replace and archive.

Controls users can assign the HSE Role called “Self Manage” to any user type. Having this role will allow that user to upload their own competence files under My Profile. This role only grants upload permission. The rest are still exclusively for Control Users and Department Managers/Assistant Managers.

Safety 360 Elite is committed to protection of personal information across the entire system.

Employee Information

The Employee Information box will show all Employee Details like Name, Surname, Birthdate, Mobile Number, ID Number and Email. These can be updated by Control Users and Department Managers/Assistant Managers.

There are 3 Important Inputs namely:

  1. Adding Custom Profile Icon
  2. Unsubscribe from Marketing Messages
  3. Link Microsoft Account (this will only show if your company has linked its Microsoft with Safety 360 Elite

Profile Icon

Each User can add their own custom Profile Icon. This is not used anywhere on the system except on the My Profile page.

To add a custom Profile Icon, click the Safety 360 Logo shown below.

This will open the Image Loader where you can “Change Your Profile Picture”.

Clicking the button show above will open your File Explorer where you can navigate to and select required image to be used as Profile Icon.

You would need to log out and back in for these changes to take effect.

Unsubscribe from Affsaf Marketing Messages

From time-to-time Affsaf might send Marketing messages relating to its services. This will never be from 3rd Parties and will only relate to products and services from Affsaf.

Users can unsubscribe from these marketing messages by clicking the button shown below.

This will permanently unsubscribe them from Affsaf Marketing messages.

Link Microsoft Account

Safety 360 Elite caters of Single Sign On with Microsoft credentials. If your company is operating in the Microsoft environment, users can use their Microsoft login details to log into Safety 360 Elite.

This is only available on request. If you would like to make use of SSO, please contact or your designated Affsaf consultant.

If your company has been set up to use SSO, you will see the Link Microsoft Account button as shown below.

When your Microsoft and Safety 360 Elite accounts are linked, you can sign into Safety 360 Elite using your Microsoft credentials from the login page as shown below.

Employee Competence Files

Here you can view all the Competence Files loaded for this user. These are split into Medicals, Drivers Licence, Training and Qualifications, Employee Info, Appointment Letters and Awareness and Induction.

If the user has the “Self Manage” HSE Role they will be able to upload files here. If they don’t have the HSE role they will only be able to view.

With the “Self Manage” HSE role assigned, the user can click any of the headings which will open the File Uploader. Here they can load a new file or select an already loaded file from IMS (if they have the correct Folder Permissions).

User Regions

This box will show all the Workspace Regions this user is linked to. Only Control users can assign new Regions. If there are Workspaces you need to be linked too but they are not showing here, contact your system Control User.

PPE Sizes

Here you can view the PPE Sizes listed for your Profile. PPE Sizes can only be assigned by Control Users. If your PPE Sizes register says N/A like example below, please contact your system Control User to update your Employee Profile.

Important to note that PPE can only be issued to Employees with Sizes assigned.

Company Roles (HSE Roles)

These are all the HSE Roles assigned to your user. They are split under Company (1), System (2) and Appointment (3) headings. Only Control users can assign HSE Roles.

Types of HSE roles briefly explained below.

If there are HSE Roles you feel should be assigned, please contact your system Control user.


My Profile provides information on your user profile within Safety 360 Elite. With the “Self Manage” HSE Role assigned, users can upload their own Employee Competence Files.