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Guide to Shared Contractor Inventory


This information guide will assist the user with adding and managing shared contractor Inventory on Safety 360 Elite.

To manage shared inventory on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Contractor Profile created on Safety 360 Elite.
  • User must have Contractor Manager HSE role
  • Inventory must be loaded on Safety 360 Elite

This feature includes data from the following system features:

  • Contractors
  • Inventory

Shared Contractor Inventory Management process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Contractor Profile
  2. Sharing Inventory
  3. Sharing Permissions
  4. Sharing Process


On your system, navigate to Contractors as shown below

Depending on how you added them, the profile might be under Contractors list or Clients list

Contractor/Client List

From either the Contractors or Clients list, find the connected company you want to share inventory with and open their Dashboard. We will be using Jewel’s Electrical for our demo

You can make use of the search and filters at the top of the page to easily find the connected company you are looking for.

Contractor Dashboard

On the connected company Dashboard your will find Inventory Shared, as shown on the right.

There are 2 registers for you to view shared inventory:

  1. Inventory I’ve shared with Jewel’s Electrical
  2. Inventory Jewel’s Electrical have shared with me

This guide will assist with #1, how to share inventory from my company, to another company.

Sharing Inventory

To start sharing Inventory, Open the box that says: “Inventory Shared to X”.

Next Click the Add New Shared Inventory icon show below to start adding shared employees

To start sharing Inventory, Open the box that says: “Inventory Shared to X”.

Next Click the Add New Shared Inventory icon show below to start adding shared employees.

Sharing Permissions

Assigned Permissions will show on the shared inventory line item show below.

Sharing Inventory

You can add all the inventory that need to be shared with relevant connected company.

To edit permission or remove a shared inventory item, simply click their line item to expand

This will remove the shared employee.


Sharing Process

The following diagram shows the sharing process through the Contractors feature. The focus of this guide is on sharing Inventory.


Shared Contractor Inventory aims to assist system you with managing inventory shared with your connected companies.




Safety 360 Elite mobile app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Huawei devices.

Time and Attendance is open for Employees and Users on the Safety 360 Elite mobile application.

Rules to Remember

  1. Once you clocked in, the next step is clock out. You cannot undo a clock in.
  2. Logs can be amended by Control users with correct permission.
  3. Reports will show total Logs.
  4. The Safety 360 Elite mobile application is required to use Time and Attendance on your mobile device.
  5. Employees can register up to 3 devices.


Time and Attendance Process


Time and Attendance is an easy-to-use clock in and clock out tool. This will enable you to track hours worked.

Time and Attendance is open to employees and users and is available on the mobile application.