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Shared Contractor Employees


This information guide will assist the user with adding and managing shared contractor employees on Safety 360 Elite.

To manage shared employees on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Contractor Profile created on Safety 360 Elite.
  • User must have Contractor Manager HSE role

Shared Contractor Employee Management process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. Contractor/Client List
  2. Contractor Dashboard
  3. Sharing Employees
  4. Sharing Permissions
  5. Employee Sharing Process

This feature includes data from the following system features:

  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Competence Manager

Contractor/Client List

On your system, navigate to Contractors as shown below.

Depending on how you added them, the profile might be under Contractors list or Clients list.

From either the Contractors or Clients list, find the connected company you want to share employees with and open their Dashboard by clicking on them. We will be using Jewel’s Electrical for our demo.

You can make use of the search and filters at the top of the page to easily find the connected company you are looking for.

Contractor Dashboard

On the connected company Dashboard your will find Employee Sharing, as shown on the right.

There are 2 registers for you to view shared employees:

  1. Employees I’ve shared with Jewel’s Electrical
  2. The employees Jewel’s Electrical have shared with me

This guide will assist with #1, how to share employees from my company, to another company.

Sharing Employees

Click the Add New Employee Tab show below to start adding shared employees.

Employees can be shared 1-by-1 or in Teams, the Select Teams options requires already built teams.

If you have not yet created Teams, and would like to add them in groups, please head to Teams now.

When sharing employees with connected companies, you will have ability to set what data can be shared.

By default only First Name, Last Name and Email will be shared. Users can choose to add:

  • Employee Roles
  • Employee Competence
  • Employee Files

Sharing Permissions

Each permissions expands on the previous, meaning if you tick Files the roles and competence options will be included.

Assigned Permissions will show on the shared employee line item show below.

You can add all the employees that need to be shared with relevant connected company.

To remove a shared employee, simply click the Bin icon in their line, as show below.

This will remove the shared employee.

Employees Sharing Process

The following diagram shows the sharing employees process starting in the Contractors feature.


Shared Contractor Employees aims to assist system you with managing employees shared with your connected companies.