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Mobile App Checklist Module


This information guide will assist the user with using Safety 360 Elite Mobile App for CHECKLISTS on Android and iOS devices.

The Safety 360 Elite Mobile App can be installed on any Android (Android 6.0 and up), iOS (version 13.0 and up) or Huawei Device through the relevant app stores.

We will look at:

  1. Checklist Setup
  2. Action New Checklist
  3. Icon Guide
  4. View Uploaded Checklists
  5. Checklist History
  6. View Archived Checklists
  7. Action a New Checklist​​​
  8. Using Camera for Checklist Images
  9. Upload a Checklist
  10. Checklist on Live

Checklist Setup 1-2-3​

The Safety 360 Elite App allows you to conduct inspections offline for up to 7 days. Remember to upload your completed checklists regularly for online use.

The following 1-2-3 will guide users in downloading available* checklists to be actioned.

Once a checklist is downloaded and under the ACTION NEW CHECKLIST tab, it can be actioned as many times as required.

*Only checklists created on Safety 360 Elite Live system which are in approved state and linked to User/Region will be available for action​.


After downloading system data you will have access to the FEATURES. From the dashboard, click CHECKLISTS.






On the checklist Menu, click the DOWNLOAD tab you’ll find (approved)  checklists, click the dot to download your selection.







Checklist Types
Swipe left on the checklist type categories to access checklist types not on display.

When downloaded to your device, the dot will turn green.






Once your checklists are marked as available and under the ACTION NEW CHECKLIST box you can action them even in an offline state


Action New Checklists

Action Checklist
Action/ conduct inspections by accessing your downloaded checklists on the ACTION NEW CHECKLIST tab.









Here you will see all the checklists you downloaded that are ready to use, online or offline. To start actioning a checklist, click the Play Icon

Remove Downloaded
You can also remove downloaded checklists by clicing REMOVE ALL, or by going inside a checklist (through PLAY ICON) and clicking REMOVE.


Icon Guide

This will explain the various types of icons you might see in the Active Checklist Register.

View Uploaded Checklist​s

View Uploaded
This card will show all signed off and completed checklists that have been uploaded to the Live system.​









Uploaded Checklists​

This register will show the Checklist name, Unique ID as well as Date and Time the checklist was completed.

Click the eye to Preview, or the trash can to delete the checklist.

You can also click REMOVE ALL to clear this register.




Checklist History

View History
Here you will find a History log of all Checklists










The History tab will show all checklist activity for the relevant user. There are 4 possible entries on this list

1.Actioned – checklist started

2.Signed off – checklist completed including signature

3.Uploaded – checklist succesfully uploaded to Live system

4.Deleted – checklist has been removed by the user

Click CLEAR HISTORY to remove all entries on this Register

View Archived Checklists

View Archived
This tab will show all Archived/Deleted checklists.









Archived History
This register will show the checklist that was archived as well as the date and time it was actioned.

You can click the BIN icon to permanently delete checklist

Alternatively you can click the GREEN ARROW icon to restore the chekclist to Active state

Clicking DELETE ALL ARCHIVED CHECKLISTS will clear this register and permanently delete all entries on the list. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.

Action a new Checklist

Action a Checklist
The following will guide users in Actioning (completing) a checklist listed under ‘ACTION NEW CHECKLIST’.






Action New
Under the Ready To Use tab find the relevant checklist and click the Play Icon.






Here a user can view the checklist content including number of groups and questions. Once ready click ACTION.






Swipe the slider for the relevant Operation / Inspection Area based on current Region. Click “set selected area” to confirm







Here the user will see all the Sections, Groups and Questions mentioned in Details on previous slide.

Users can either answer the group or mark it is Not Applicable.

Top Bar Info

Here users can Sign the checklist once completed as well as Save and Exit. The Sign icon will only be available once all checklist questions have been answered or marked as not applicable.

Save will close the checklist and move it to ACTIVE CHECKLISTS.

From there Checklist can be completed by clicking Play Icon.


Answer Group
If a user has selected Answer Group, they will be taken to Group page with Questions.

Selections and Input
Answer selections based on Live system settings. Can be either:

1.Go / No-Go / NA

2.Compliant / Non Complaint / NA

3.In Place / Not In Place / NA

Comments can be entered for all selections but is MANDATORY for No-Go / Non Compliant / Not In Place selections.

Users can also add images (3 per question) with a comment to the checlist.

*This will require Camera and Storage permission.


Using Camera for Checklist Images

Adding images to your checklist can be done by either Taking a New Image or Selecting an Image from Gallery.

NOTE: Taking a new image will store the image to your device’s gallery to make sure you do not lose any data.

NOTE: Checklists can be built with question rules including NEW APP PHOTOS ONLY. This rule removes ability to upload from Gallery.

Images Register
This will show all loaded images. To load a new image, click ADD ANSWER PHOTO.







Select Type of Image
Now you can choose to SELECT IMAGE (from gallery) or TAKE A NEW IMAGE.







Selections and Input
After taking a NEW IMAGE you can rotate or crop the image. Clicking CROP will save the image to register.


Upload a Checklist

Once all questions have been answered or marked as NA, and the checklist has been signed off, it can be uploaded to the Live system.

NOTE that this requires a valid connection to the internet. All checklists must currently be manually uploaded to ensure compliance.

In Progress Tab
The ACTIVE CHECKLIST page will show completed and signed off checklists ready for upload.

The user can tell if a checklist is ready when the green upload icon is lit and available.

The example below shows 2x test checklist, one is ready the other is not.

Starting Upload
Once the user click the green upload icon they will be taken to Upload page where they can choose Type of upload.

If the upload fails, it will remain under the IN PROGRESS tab and the user can try again once their connection is verified or use partial upload to send to Web App.

Succesfull Upload
A success message will be shown for succesfull uploads and the checklist will be removed from the ACTIVE TAB.

Succesfully uploaded checklists can be found under the VIEW UPLOADED CHECKLIST tab along with their details (time and checklist ID for troubleshooting).

Checklist on Live​

Successfully Uploaded
Once the checklist has succesfully been uploaded, it can be used in the Safety 360 Elite HSMS through File Explorer, Completed Checklist Register, Safety Files and Reports to name a few.

The PDF generating service happens on Live so if you need a PDF copy of the completed checklist, please navigate to, click the yellow CHECKLIST icon on dashboard or left navigation pane, head to View Checklist Register -> Completed Checklist

(url should read:


​Do you have any questions?

Please visit: for more information.