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Guide to Forms


This information guide will assist the user with creating, actioning and managing/editing Forms on Safety 360 Elite.

To  create and manage/edit Forms on the system, the following must be in place:

  • Active Safety 360 Elite Full or Lite system.
  • Control user privileges provided

Only control users can create, manage/edit Forms.

All users can Action Forms in their Region.

The Forms process on Safety 360 Elite comprises of the following steps:

  1. Create a Form
  2. Form Field Options
  3. Custom options for Dropdown & Multi select Fields
  4. Action Forms
  5. IMS Location
  6. Link Form to Checklist
  7. Link Form to Inventory


Forms can be found on the left navigation pane, under the Management heading as shown below.

Create a Form

Step 1.  Select View/Edit Created Forms to access the dashboard where all created forms will be displayed. The Search bar will help you find specific created forms when the list is populated. Click the + icon to add a new form.

Step 2. Provide a name to easily identify the form, add a description to remind you of the forms contents. Click Create form to save and add fields.

Step 3.  Click Add Field to access the field type options.

Step 4.  Add a name/question for the field, indicate the field type and, if required, indicate the units/particulars for the field. Let’s explore the options available next.

Forms Field Options

Prompt various types of user input by using different field type selections.


Field Options

Forms currently have the following available Fields to choose from, some have sub-fields as well:


Sub-Field Options

Use the sub-fields to further specify what type of input you’re looking for:

Custom Options for Dropdown & Multi Select Field

Add and manage your own Selectable Options for Drop Down or Multi Select fields.

Optional: to raise a non conformance if the option is selected.

Action Forms

Use the search bar to find specific forms if your list of created forms gets busy. Click the Action Form button to open the input fields for your completion.

Complete the input fields and Save.

IMS Location

Find and manage finalised Forms in your File Manager in the Inspection, Checklist, Register Management folder under Inspections.

Link Forms to a Checklist

Navigate to the checklist your Form needs to be linked to, select to Edit the checklist, click the pencil icon to link and manage linked Forms.

Select the created form(s) you want to add to the checklist and click Set Selection to link.

Remember to Approve the Checklist after linking your forms, to allow users to action it. To remove a Form, un-tick the box and click Set Selection.

Link Forms to Inventory

Navigate to the Inventory Dashboard where your Form needs to be linked, navigate to Inventory Inspection Forms, click the plus icon to link and manage linked Forms.

Select the created form(s) you want to add to the Inventory and click Set Selection to link.

To remove a Form, untick the box and click Set Selection. Actioned Forms in Inventory as listed as Inspections and can be viewed on Inventory Dashboard or in the IMS under Inventory Item folder. Inspections and Checklists on vehicles are shown in the JMP tool.


Forms aims to assist system users with creating and maintaining form-based documentation digitally.

Forms can be used independently or as part of inspections and checklists.

All data can be downloaded for easy external use and can be reported on through Safety 360 Elite Reports.